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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Knox Mountain Knox Mountain Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain Knox Mountain Random Waiter Scarcrow
The day began with murky overcast threatening a dull, dismal and dreary tone.

However no fowl moods would be in allowance for this fine day was one of my favorites aka Halloween!!

My very first spooktacular in the valley was not what you’d expect. However it was a great way to begin my new memory making! As you’d probably expect I have a vast collection of costumes, to experience a complete Halloween day one must costume up as early as possible!

As the last curl is set, my cherry lips puckered…time for a selfie…

Then on to fill our bellies!

My lips wrapped around the perfectly medium rare Angus deliciousness! With sautéed mushrooms, cheese as well as crispy bacon the Feenie burger was just what my tummy was craving. The show stealer however was the garlic mayo dip that I got with the fries holy man! Perfectly portioned, textured and seasoned steak fries scooping up the dip like it was going out of style!

On to some exploration…. costume edition!

Up Knox Mountain the setting was both mystical and breathtaking. The mist kissed my cheeks as I peered out to the gorgeous view. My eyes dazzled throughout my field of vision.

Sadly it had appeared that the rest of Kelowna had decided Halloween was already over by Monday so I only saw a few other costumed out individuals but it was still one of the best days I’ve had out here!

Next year? Corn maze!

#Throwback Blog: My first week in KTown

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Touring Around

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The wind howls as it blows into the open windows of the truck, smile on my face as we pull into town. The little houses spread neatly across their streets filled with old town charm.

 Today was my first look into my new surroundings…

 There are beautiful flowers in the gardens and pots hung around. The buildings, clearly re-stored all have an antique cheek feel. Rustic architecture with hip new cafes, art galleries and shops contained inside. I do not quite have the strength to walk the streets yet but that will be for the next visit, for now touring around is making me smile. We drive down the streets and to the beach, it was busy although I imagine Canada Day must have been even busier. We see the statue of the dolphins and view the beautiful beachside Delta. Now… time for some lunch! We find some parking and although we come to find our first restaurant choice is not open we soon find a suitable replacement Karen O’Malley’s Irish pub, delightful service, delectable eats and a very interesting décor. Then we hit the road, opting for a longer more scenic path home. Passing through the fields and farms, viewing the playful calves and lush shrubbery.

 I’d say it was a good day. 🙂

#Throwback Blog

As the sun set the plane was an interesting adventure, I met a very nice fellow passenger and we giggled the hours away. The evening brought a beautiful Toronto skyline filled with the mass amount of lights, my eyes felt wider than my face. Our plane had to circle so I got a very beautiful full view of the gigantic city. Being from a town of 500 the city can really shock your senses.

After arrival the glory of enormity continued, the airport was gigantic and filled with cool moving walk ways. I was ambushed by cab and limo drivers trying to get me to my destination.

Finally as I rode to my destination the driver pointed out all the sites to see. Beautiful.

 Exploring the city upon arrival was breathe taking! A burlesque show randomly on a Wednesday night, live music in the local tavern and the city lights creating wonder in my mind. The daytime spent exploring  graffiti alley, Kensington market, little Italy and little Portugal. Amazing!

I road my very first subway, I saw the Toronto City Hall, the giant Toronto sign. Visited an adorable pin up shop and had a blast at a fun Goth night party at Nocturne.

One of my favorite parts of the adventure was that I attended the Andy Warhol Exhibit, Andy Warhol: Revisited on Bloor Street. They had a tonne of his original pieces as well as very informative descriptions. An experience I will definitely never forget.

I visited the Retro Suites Hotel in Chatham, very interesting time. It’s filled with beautiful retro artifacts and has a lovely staff. As a lover of pin up it was a great pleasure to experience.

I spent my day in Chatham exploring the little shops and there was a delightful giant bookstore and very unique clothing store. My final day there I explored their mall and the mom and pop shops on the other side of town. I had very very delicious bruschetta and exquisite pinot grigio at Mama Mia’s before boarding the train back to Toronto also quite the interesting experience.

The trip came to an end and I can’t wait to return again.

Toronto I miss you.


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Adventures in Banff!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The air was crisp and the drinks refreshing my recent adventure to banff was a wonderful time. The banff springs hotel was one of the most beautiful sites to observe.

The back patio has the most breath taking view & lucky for me it was some of the warmest weather I have ever encountered in October. As the evening settled in, peeling myself from the Blue Jays game I went to a restaurant I’ve always wanted to try.

The Grizzly Bear House was once a swingers club but is now a charming fondue hot spot. I am a fondue fanatic so you can only imagine my wide eyes as I dipped the delicious baguette into the rich and gooey cheese concoction.

 The next morning brought beautiful and wonderful trek to the marvelous water fall just at the base of the mountain the hotel rests on.

The day ended with some shopping, a real cool looking bottle of wine and the adventure to my next adventure 🙂

Canada 150

There is a great deal to be said about the celebration of the formation of a country. Especially in the times we find ourselves, it’s the true luck of the draw to be Canadian. As I was barely out of the hospital last year not only was it exciting to celebrate 150 years of Canada but that of being still here to do so.

The day brought cheer to my spirit as I pulled out my red and white ensemble. Cleaning my white sneakers and pinning my hair up, I felt the corners of my mouth tilt up in excitement. On to the adventure…

Upon arrival the sweltering heat struck us. We made our stride into the festivities and the crowds seemed to gather and gather. Upon request we made our way to Prospera place to find a point of solace and an atm. I was pleasantly surprised as we made our way into the arena, it had an amazing celebration of culture set up. Tables containing Italian, German, Ukrainian, Hungarian and other set ups of food if there wasn’t so much people I would have stood in line for a tastes of each. From online places I later found out it was also the spot they kept and cut the 150 cake.

On the collection of food trucks outside we spy upon my most favorite delights. The kryptonite that reminded me of so much of home games at the Saddledome and hot afternoons at Stampede aka the mini donuts! A bucket between us we soldiered on into the tents set up in the surrounding area. As a testament to the heat we experience my once ice cold soda had gone from Luke warm to almost tea sipping temperature in its can.

As the heat beat down and the afternoon set in a walk along the sparkling water brought the day into conclusion. The crowds filled every nook and cranny of the downtown area, it was time to return home to the calm silence and the other half of my lasagna.

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Boo-tiful BNA

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dashing through the doors as the rainfall intensified….


Once inside I gazed at my surroundings. A giant Michelin man statue hung on the spider web and Halloween-esc decor, I knew this was going to be a great experience.

Appropriately named after the location, the building was originally constructed for the British North American Tobacco Company.

 This rustic, old-timey spot holds not only an amazing appeal but luscious full-flavored menu!!

Their chicken wings?

Hot damn, they were juicy, meaty and marinated in an unbelievable sauce.

Their fish tacos?

With their perfectly punchy seafood flavoring these bite sized delights well… delighted

To finish off the trio of delicacies?

Heated, crunchy & yummy Spicy Prawns!

The spitting putter of the rain ran down my face as the evening drew to a close.

Sometimes it’s the little finds where magic begins!

Kangaroo Zoo

In the heart of Winfield lies a captivating experience! If you know anything about mwah it’s that I am obsessed with animals. In Calgary I was a very proud holder of a Zoo pass and visited whenever I could. One of my biggest sadness’s when I relocated was that there was no zoo here. I was very excited to find out that there is in fact an amazing substitute, Kangaroo Creek Farms!

Not only was my long time best friend out to visit but now we would get to visit for the first together!

We got up early and started the day right… with breakfast at IHop! Also a first for us both.
Bellies full we headed to Winfield and to our next adventure!

The sun was already beating its heat at 11 when we strolled down into the farm (but only after missing the turn a few times) ;-P

Kangaroo Creek Farms was such a uniquely, interesting experience to say the least. Who would have known? Kangaroos in the heart of the Okanagan! Why it’s almost better than a zoo? You get to feed and pet the animals!

As we strolled in our eyes widened a giant field with buildings, a watering hole and lots of kangaroos! The enclosure is filled with wallaby’s, large kangaroos and my favorite… albino kangaroos!

The keepers provided us with the food and we calmly approached the animals, say what you will but even though they a docile when you are next to an animal whom you know is so powerful… you tread lightly.

As their fuzzy faces ate from our palms, I laughed at the unique feeling of their teeth lightly touching at times. I learned that kangaroos love corn chips and that feeding them to them is quite the event.

After you exit the large enclosure you can scamper over to a happy looking man holding tiny creatures.

In and out of their sewn pouches Sugar Gliders are such fascinating creatures! This little guy in particular gazed widely as I lightly pet his little head with my other hand.

After that a most exciting opportunity, holding a baby kangaroo! With the luck of the lineup, I even got to hold an albino one!

Like a baby the little guy was handed to me in a bundle, his little red eyes peering up at meet. My heart felt warm holding such a sweet calm creature, if not work the gaining line up I could have sat there forever. Handing him over, we continued on to the final enclosure.

I always thought that capybaras were small but boy was I mistaken. These animals are like giant skittish hamsters! Very cool. We also pet and fed some mini goats, fancy chickens and ducks.

Definitely all made for an amazing memory!