The Voice of Anxiety 

It is creeps in early. Whispering in a crackled voice in my mind.

“You will never be happy again”
“You fucked it all up”
” loser,  you live with your parents? ”
“Wow you used to be someone”
“Your finally skinny and your still ugly”

This voice slips in and it starts to play it’s record. It reminds me of my failures. It never let’s me forget.

I try to remind it of the hard work I am putting in every day, I remind it that I’m not stupid, that my ENTIRE life doesn’t have to be a failure.

Some days it creeps in and I wonder if it will fade. I curl into a ball and I wait.
Eventually eye lids grow heavy and I slip away but when I awake I feel the tingles on the back of my neck reminding me it hasn’t gone too far away.


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