#Throwback Blogs

Shenanigans at Scandia

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

“Crash, dash, bing, bang , nick, knock, ring, ding”

The red, blue, yellow and green lights dazzled my eyes as I stepped into a wonderland of childish delight.

“Smash, crash, cling, clang, vrooom boom…ting tang!”

Absorbed in the endless possibilities

My mind captivated by the dazzling and stimulating options. The charmed and cheerful game of mini golf is first on the list.

A childhood delight very few haven’t spent at least a few if not many hours cracked up over this miniature version of a traditionalist game.

Each hole built to distract and divert its challenger. Elated as I sank my first ball in two strokes, the second hole however an indoor black light delight! As is the tradition that is beginners luck the swings grew more and more. The score card forgotten and the laughs continued throughout the course. Next to indulge in a little transformers action gunning the enemy in a hypnotizing screened undertaking.

Next a quad inspired race which led into an inspirited round of the classic Pacman.

Peaked interest as soccer kicks are measured, on to a not so knocked out round of dance dance revolution. Interested piqued at a jungle hunting, tarantula defeating round. As the tokens diminished the smiles did not fade.


Satisfied imaginations relax after being allowed to run wild. The adventure into the Scandia wonderland left my with some wonderful memories.


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