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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The air? crrrrrrisp!

Strollinging over to the front door, I could definitely feel the cool breeze on this cloudy sunday. The sun peakabooed throughout the clouds.

After reaching my favourite okanagan vietnamese spot and realizing it was full (we were grizzly bear hungry) we’d got our ravenous tushys back into the car and headed to another westbank eatery. The spread out yet connected separate collections of strip centers is definitely a cool and unique concept I have often thought since my arrival out here.

As we reach our next stop, stomachs growling with intent I saw something that always makes my heart leap “Christmas decorations!” I called out. Smile now plastered on my face as I reached for the door, I somehow knew this was going to be a great new place to enjoy.

Sammy J’s was filled with christmas decorations, instantly I was excited. Mini Christmas in a glass bottle a tree in the front door, table decorations and a giant lit up christmas bulb in the center of the room. Upon further glance the spot was very visually appealing itself with comfy seats, detailed art pieces and gorgeous bar seating.

Now on to the menu’s yes plural, I was vaguely amused as we were each handed 3 different menus, all which contained a large variety of drink and food selections. In the mood for taste testing we selected 3 of their many awesome looking appy’s.

It’s probably my favourite way to dine out, select a few completely different dishes to try and share. Giving ones taste buds a real taste roll around!

This particularly pleasant sunday the choices were Potato Cheddar Perogies with Chorizo, Cajun Chicken Quesadilla and Cabo Wabo Tacos. I must say my taste buds were pretty pleased afterword.

Arriving in adorable mini skillets these perogies are definitely a re-order for me. I absolutely love these little potato delights to begin with but then to be topped with an enticing combination of onion, chorizo, sour cream and bacon… holy delicious heaven. Definitely my favourite of the three choices.

Next up the Cabo Wabo Tacos…. mmmmmmm, think pulled short rib bits with a delectable combination of avocado, black bean, habanero law and hot sauce. A very memorable and distinct taste also a very welcome experience.

To finish off this already amazing trio we had a classic cajun chicken quesadilla and with its generous amount cheese and banana peppers it was a perfect way to finish off the lunchtime adventure!

Smiling, belly’s full we settled up, headed out and onto our next okanagan adventures.


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