642 Drops a’ Drippin’

Happy Monday!

I had written about this particular event and totally forgot! My fun first adventure back into public retail exposure!
Enjoy lovelies…

The gloom seemed to settle over the valley as the disgruntled rain drops peered in and out of existence.
The rawr of the motor mumbled along my tush firmly seated front ward as I peered along further exploring my new city.

As I came upon what I thought was my stop I jumped from my seat curiously.
Departing, disheartened I realized I’d gotten off a wee bit too soon.

So I picked up my spirits, turned around and opened Google maps, slowly returning to the journey I saw my destination! Chapters!
Gift card in tow I set out to do something I hadn’t done since the anxiety set in… browse & shop…. yikes.
Reaching for the giant wooden doors pulling the gold handle open the aroma of Starbucks tingled my senses.
And with that I began through journey back into content reality. Browsing and peering. I really love books so it wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it might be.

Then I came to the journal section and I was immediately excited to find “642 things to write about” A guided writing book! Least to say I’m definitely excited to explore the inner workings of my mind… just kidding but for fun writing inspiration is a great switch up and will make for some great blogs! 

Needless to say successful adventure! 


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