#Throwback Blogs

The Very BLISS-ful Afternoon

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There is something superbly wonderful about the Christmas spirit floating the valley lately.

This latest adventure brought the smile to my face. As we venture into the sunny day my eyes beam spotting the different window paints & decorations. 


The say that good company can make even the simplest tasks wonderful and it’s true.

First we venture to a store I’ve never stepped into…. the vivacious and fragrant Lush Kelowna!

As a Lush Virgin I was promptly volunteered for a Lush Hand Massage. I was introduced to some very interesting smelling and feeling products. Truly a unique experience.

Onto our next spot, the ever great for everything Old Navy had some of the most hilarious ugly Christmas Sweaters & Shirts! They really make some pretty funny ones. 

After some hilarious trotting and laughter through staples our hungry tummies began to grumble.

In my little village there is a tiny piece of calm, homey delight in the form of a cafe aptly named Bliss. 

The big comfy chairs and table were available! We sauntered up to the counter licking our lips. Sometimes simple is the best and in this case simplicity was the secret ingredient to a perfect lunch.


Two plates containing a Ham & Swiss Panini as well as a Grill Cheese with Soup were placed on the table. 


With a breathtaking view out to the lake the grouchy storm cast shadows and howled beyond the pane of the window.

With our minds, hearts and tummies filled it was a wonderful family outing 


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