#Throwback Blogs

Fuzzy Frosty Feliz

Thursday, December 15, 2016

There is nothing quite like the tradition of the preparation of the home for the holidays. In my instance it was a brand new experience of one of my most favorite pieces of the great Christmas time pie.

It is my very first Christmas in my new location, my first Christmas in a very long time I am single and I can say it was completely different, not better, not worse but a truly different experience.

 The suspense of the unpacking of the ornaments is always a delighting first part of the journey.

Pulling the tree from its box and fluffing each branch. Pulling each strand of tinsel.

Unpacking the boxes of ornaments, the tissue crinkling between each of the extra special ones. Babies first Christmas, dated, handmade and just the ones you’ve had” since you can’t remember.” Yes the ritual is often the beginning of another memory.

As this year I was flying solo on the decorating game I lay out all the options I had to adorn the house with. Christmas is my absolute favorite so I was determined to do some justice.

I began by placing all the themed figurines throughout the house.

With the “Christmas with the Kranks” movie playing in the background I was in my element. Next the fluffing of the tree, I of course want each branch stretched out perfectly. Whatever that means.


As I reach into the first box, fingers grasping the hook I smile as I place it on the tree. There it was, bulbs hanging, snow falling and Christmas movies in the air in this chaotic piece of time in my life this one piece was one I could savor warmly to my heart.

Once completed, I release the felines into the decadent holiday space. Much to my semi disappointment the cats were more astounded by my tripod than any of the decorations.

 So I scooped the fuzzy munkins up & I did a family shot.

Kitties first Christmas, my first Okanagan Christmas & a great beginning to our new little world.

Next task? Hot Chocolate & snuggles!


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