#Throwback Blogs

Game Day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One fine Sunday Darrell Simmons, Joe Diamond, Amanda Sharpe and Gloria Goldberg went on an adventure in their mysterious and often chaotic city. The crew came together over pizza, candy worms and coated peanuts to conquer the evil ancient one Yig!

Through much laughter, strategy, confusion and rule book references the group battled maniacs, portals and avoided being lost in time and space.

This my dear readers was my first experience of hopefully many in playing the intriguing board game arkham horror.

If you have an afternoon and a group of pals to play with I definitely recommend!

This fateful Sunday I had the pleasure of trying three new games I’d never even heard of. All unknown, all very different and all bringing emence enjoyment.

The second of the games was the simple yet mind twisting tile game Tusuro. The basic premise being to keep your little character man alive on the safe track whilst propelling your competitors off the “edges” of the game. Rounds are completed very quickly and one wrong tile placement can result in your doom but definitely worth it for the laughs shared.

Finally we to scheme and  prepare our plan of attack as we pulled our cards to commenced in the mind melding game of Coup!  Decisions. decisions. To form alliances? Attack? Who would attempt to bring whom to their defeat?

This game was a lot of fun, there’s not a lot of pieces so you could play pretty much anywhere and made for the perfect finale of the Sunday-game-day-game-spree!

Can’t wait to play them all again and of course try even more new games!


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