#Throwback Blog: Weekend of Yumms

Weekend of Yumms

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The music filled the summer air as the evening smells delectable food truck dishes drew us in. Our tummies grumbled as we reached our first stop. One of the largest pieces of generously topped deluxe thin crust pizza is dropped on my bending paper plate. The first bite brings a big smile to my face and my taste buds as I twisted off the last bits of stringing cheese from the first bite. Toppings are picked off and placed straight in my trap… yum!

On to the next taste of the evening… a heaping delicious hot plate of perogies. A not so little known fact I am a perogy fanatic! The perogy plate was covered in savory caramelized onions, bacon bits and sour cream as an added bonus a free Ukrainian sausage was gifted! Yum! There were many more food trucks but sadly no anymore room in my stomach. The evening ended with fresh lemonade with a 5 hour energy shot added to it to form “Power Lemonade”.

With the morning brought a delicious course of sausages and bacon for breaky followed by an adventure to the market! As we toddled the streets toward the market we heard the sounds of crowds and horns… we had stumbled into the parade! The Peachfest Parade was filled with happy families and pets oh all the smiles were in the air! A stop at the lemonade stand and the walk began.  Row by row of vibrate, unique and variety each tent offers an individual theme of product. One tent I was particularly fond of offered samples of delightful sausage, chips and the BEST hot sauce! This sauce is the most flavorful hot sauce I’ve ever had! I came home with a bottle of their hottest variety! On to a visit of the daytime Peach Festival! After a perusal of the tents, a stop at the dog agility competition on to the best part… the food of course! Waffle fries and chicken lips….’nough said although I am still kicking myself for not getting poutine at the poutine truck. Grr.

*Craving gravy now* The day ended with delicious slurpies and the grin I wore into the evening and off to dreamland.

Picture this:  a small board walk filled with happy people, puppies everywhere and sunshine on a nice calm afternoon not to warm or chilled. Tummy’s a rumbling we moseyed over to a darling little Tapa’s bar that’s is also a coffee shop. Strange concept you ponder? I did too. However the Beach Ave Café and Tapas Bar was simple and delicious. First taste bud delight: Tuna Tostadas mmmmmmm very good! Then follows the platters! This was the perfect way to spend and afternoon. One of those Sundays where you want to enjoy someone’s intimate company but the lake in the sunshine. The platters of meat, cheese, picked goods, jams, hot mustard, breads and their dips… all I can say is I wished my stomach was 3 times bigger! They have this spicy sausage that was soooo distinctive and enjoyable. Melted by the sun into soft sweetly bliss scooped by the thin savory salami slices or crisp baguette the brie was very welcomed. After such a pleasant feast there was only one way to end this food tale…with a big forkful of some of the most delectable blueberry cheesecake I’ve ever had. Overall a great meal experience but with fuel comes energy and we were on to our explorations! Strolling along we visited each of the different store fronts. One store in particular I picked up two very cute dresses I now adore! The evening settled in and brought of course the adventure to acquire those frozen cups of goodness! Slurpies in tow the sun settled and the weekend was over.

**Note: I went back to this place the next day for dinner and tried their perfectly sauced, fall off the bone ribs! Needless to say amazing! I got the small order so I could try their truffle parmesan fries and boy I was not disappointed in anything except that I couldn’t eat more! Very good! Next up… exploring more of the boardwalk eats and all!

My greatest realization following my move to the Okanogan is that it is a series of unique places all close together but all vastly varied in people, culture and attractions that are all good for the soul! I can’t wait to explore more of my new surroundings and enjoy more of my new life!


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