#TastyTuesday: Blind Angler

Bewitching was the march sky as the suns rays faded across the water. We entered into the hidden gem that is the blind angler in Peachland. Although I’d been before I had no idea the adventure of laughter, great taste and atmosphere it would be.


The feast began with an appetizer of the sea:     The PERNOD MUSSELS!


Now these mussels are indeed my favourite I’ve ever had, as this was my second go at them I can attest to their continued quality. Soaked in pernod cream sauce with roasted garlic pieces, peppers & onions accompanied with heavy crispy garlic bread. Holy yum.

This was absolutely the best way to begin the tastebud heaven that was the evening.
Continuing on the cream sauce train the main course arrived in grandeur.

The perfectly tender medium rare steak adorned with blue cheese crumble & fresh asparagus accompanied by a generous portion of house made gnocchi all smothered in creamy blue cheese sauce.

As our second entree arrived, our eyes widened at the commitment we’d made to our stomachs. The Butter Chicken Linguine smelled amazing as its modern style circular bowl was placed before us.

As I began spooning a portion of the hearty feast on to my plate I made mention of the grilled chicken strips and red/green peppers poked out like pleasant surprises in the gooey noodles sopped in delicious butter chicken sauce.

Last but not least our sweety senses tingled as our final delight arrived… the xango cheese cake!

This banana caramel cheese cake wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried with ice cream and chocolate caramel sauce is that of pure bliss. Scooping a bit of ice cream with a dabble of sauce and a portion of cake, amazing.
This is definitely one of my desserts ever!

As the star speckles arrived painted the sky, the eve fell over the land.

Tummies full we rolled out of the restaurant, impeccably satisfied.


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