#Throwback Blog: Beautiful Buoyancy

Beautiful Buoyancy

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Breathe out. Breathe out. Breathe out. Oh and heck breathe out some more.

Slowly rising from the sticky deflated state, shape forming as the crinkle crackle of past use smooths over. Breathe… ahhh. An adventure is upon us.

The sun shone on my back like a warm hug, the grass tickling my toes as our group collected. Today was the day, today was in fact a beautiful day. May I say the perfect day for a Sunday float? The devices fully formed and in tow we sauntered down to the channel.

The crisp sting of the cool water subsided my bottom half mostly submerged. So began the journey guided by the current and every so often some fearlessly kicking legs guiding us away from rocks and seaweed.

The geese and ducks wading along calmly made us think of forgotten breadcrumbs left in the car. As we reach the halfway point we were serenaded by a man called Relvis, haha Relvis. He was quite spot on and coodous to anyone who can perform in full Elvis gear in plus 35. Of course the conversation often turning to food… let’s talk about the snack!  Bannock mozzarella sticks! Deliciously melted mozzarella with the perfect balance of sweet and salty dough. Bannock hot dog!  Crispy fresh French fries and ketchup. Yum!

Freshly fueled the journey began again as we continued the float down the beautiful channel and past walkers on the path above. Hours passed with geese bobbing along, dragon flies dancing and young families growing restless. The channel I am told was particularly slow so as we reach the steps to the finish giant smiles formed on our faces. Sometimes the destination can be as satisfactory as the experience, I had just completed my first channel ride in my new location.

My best way to describe the whole experience is a peaceful journey among good company filled with laughter, good eats and delightful scenery. An experience I’d in the future like to repeat 🙂


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