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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

As the evening began the summer sunlight filled the road. This evening’s journey brought me to good company and my first dining at a winery experience. Located on the side of a hill Play winery is a newly opened winery/ restaurant that is visually stunning.

The modern architecture feel continues as you walk into the building itself. Paintings that match the bottles labels hung on the walls through windows where you can view the barrels of wine below.

Slightly early we sat and ordered drinks I had a delightful Okanogan original grizzly paw soda. Yum. As the rest of the guests began to arrive the patio buzzed happily with the chatter of its visitors.

Whilst waiting to place our order two wooden bowls of popcorn cooked with truffle oil were provided to snack on.

A shared cheese and meat plate (do you see a pattern here) was placed in front of us. I am a lover of cheese and have recently begun acclimating myself to bleu cheese which I previously had no care for at all. Much like my previous wine drinking days I find the more I try the more I am enjoying the distinct taste.

Among this platter there was a lovely peppered goat cheese, a white cheddar as well as a very distinct bleu. The meat selection included prosciutto, a spicy sausage and a salami of sorts. The customary pickled goods & jams accompanied.

The next delight was a bowel of in house made chips, crisp and salty with a savory mayo sauce to dip in.

For the entree (although I was pretty full by then) I had a very juicy, cheesy mushroomy burger. I promptly scarfed half although my tummy fought itself over it.

I was satisfactorily stuffed, cola’d & dined. Another pleasant evening.


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