Tasty Tuesday: Wasabi 

The sun cast its warm glow onto me as I stepped quickly off the grumbling bus into the heart of Kelowna. I referred to my maps as I stepped onward, tummy grumbling in anticipation. 

I smiled to myself as the green store front met my sightline. In such stark green contrast, Wasabi called out to the potential curiosity of passers by.

“So excited” I thought as I pushed open the door and was greeted by a very friendly young lady who showed me to my seat.

Excitedly I await my fellow diner, peering at the menu weighing all options available. 

As we settle in and place our orders, a giant grin sat on my face. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was about to have my very first ramen from a restaurant.

As the giant steaming bowl was carried toward me I could feel my eyes widen, it was perfect looking. “Gotta take a picture” I remarked fumbling throughout my purse. 

After capturing its mastery I grabbed my chopsticks and began.

Holy man. How had I never tried this before?

It was amazing! The noodles a perfect balanced texture complimenting the prawn wontons, prawns, pork chashu and refreshing spinach, cabbage. The best part? Oodles of green onion! 

Amazing. Just amazing.

Such a simple yet satisfying dish, truly a wonder worth experiencing.


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