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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A haunting voice rung out through the microphone singing in Italian. As the strums of his guitar serenaded us into the melody, the gazes all shot to the man with the white hair.

The stage lights set the whimsical tone to a beautiful evening filled with great company and cheer. The cause for celebration? Compleanno di famiglia!

The evening set in with a tropical temperature, strolling the boardwalk we arrived to the Edgewater bar & grille. A bit early for the evening show we set out to deciding what to order for dinner.

Lucy Blu Dolled Up Hee hee

When grazing a menu there is always a collection of thoughts that occur. How much food can I eat right now?  Am I going healthy or for what I am craving? What am I craving? Are we sharing? Does it taste good in the morning cold?

This particular evening we were mostly all in a sharing mood. I had for some time been craving squid… yes squid in this situation in the form of calamari! Crunchy, chewy and salty squid with refreshing tzatziki! Partnered with delicious pot sticks and spicy tangy sauce. Because I love to try everything I had the treat of enjoying (aka stealing some) amazing bruschetta & lettuce tacos! Next came the entertainment!

The first act Lucy Blu & The Blu Boys was a girl after my own heart, a retro chic mademoiselle with a voice like she was straight outta the 40’s.

Next the main attraction: our Italian minstrel Alfie Zappacosta hit the stage. The first two songs captured the audience in their sultry sentiments only to blossom into appealing and stimulating pieces.

Overall a successful evening filled with wonderful music and admirable accompaniment.


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