Reflection: 365 Days Later


It is not the experience but instead the drive for change that turns miniature successes into achievable contentment (in life, self and our own personal version of the human experience.)

In my short time on this earth, I have had many experiences both positive and negative. No experience, however, can compare to that of opening your eyes to the bright stark white lights of a hospital room, family around me, tears streaming from all.

Today marks the anniversary of the day I could have lost my life, one year ago.

The astounding changes that have come to form my new life are nothing short of unbelievable.

Through the tremendous support of my close family, my amazing team of doctors and more recently the newly formed friendships of some awe-inspiring individuals.

I by no means think I am any life expert or think my growing is done but I would like to share some of the lessons I have learned throughout these past 365 days.

The Importance of being comfortable alone
As I was in a substantial long-term relationship from a young age I’d never experience being without a teammate and although I wouldn’t say it’s always fun, I’ve enjoyed my past year as a free agent. It is very hard to build yourself when you’re building a relationship. It’s one of the best lessons I’ve learned and I now quite enjoy my time to myself.

Loving YOURSELF really must come first.
I know I pretty much outlined this in the paragraph above but there is much to be said for this statement. It took me 24.5 years to learn it but I can truly say that although I always have my list of self-improvements to do, I love my weird crazy self immensely.

Be your own cheerleader
Make choices that you are proud of, this gives you license to share. There is no shame in telling others how you can contribute to their lives or how you are improving your own.

The relationships you take for granted are, the most important.
Parents, children, friends, doctors, heck the barista who makes your coffee each morning these are the constants in our life that we very rarely take the time to thank or acknowledge.

In your most vulnerable time, you will know who has really has your back.
This is pretty self-explanatory, when my life and health completely fell apart I found out who cared and who only cared when it suited them best. I think everyone eventually learns this, hopefully not all after a coma.

Someone who takes all your power: does not love you.
Whether it is a family member, boss, friend or your main relationship if someone is making you feel weak, trapped, lost and alone they are toxic. I know it can seem impossible to break free of these types, especially when you surround yourself with them, know that you can break free. When you do, consider getting help. These relationships can bring us down to our darkest points, leaving us with a defeated attitude, low self-esteem and a sense of loss. It’s definitely hard to cleanse our lives of toxicity but it leaves more time to build up our other relationships and ourselves.

I was in pain for two days before I went to the hospital and I almost waited another day which would have for sure killed me. Sassy is cute but stubborn can be deadly.

Overall this experience actually changed my life for the better. I can say I am happier, healthier and calmer than I’ve ever been. I am a strong confident young woman and I am eager to continue to experience all life has to offer me.


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