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Mussel Me Crazy

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The black polished surface was textured with each oval ring.

Peaked open with an inward view of the tender edible inside…
The dripping liquid of the enticing cream gathered below. Appealingly garnished with crisped delights. Warmth followed by the overwhelming sensation of fresh minced garlic. My experience with this full flavored bivalve mollusk did not disappoint!

Yes my dear friends I tried mussels! Not that I was scared to but I just never had. I must say wow if I did not love The Blind Angler before I do now!

In a seafood themed lunch we shared a selection of delectable delights. The meal consisting of heavenly heaping prawn tacos,  crispy; spicy pot stickers smothered in Thai chili sauce and these delicious little crustations all came together to create a very fulfilled experience.


Now that your taste buds are tingling add to this the clear alluring view of the Okanogan Lake. Heaven.

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