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Bannock B.L.A.T!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The BLT is possibly the ultimate sandwich, it’s so simple but in its simplicity comes a distinct delicious taste.

Now if I may enquire you to picture bannock. If you do not know what bannock is well you are definitely missing out! At the Kekuli Cafe the bannock is a fluffy and light dough baked right there, used as the base to their various menu options. For example they have bannock burgers, tacos, breakfast and sandwiches!

This is where the BLT comes into play. Now whenever available I add avocado to my BLT’s, thus forming a BLAT.Β  This occasion was no exception.

As my teeth sunk into the soft spongy outer layer, the refreshing tomato juices mixed with the taste of the garlic aioli seeped over my taste buds. The crunch of the perfectly crisped bacon delighted.
The crisp lettuce tied in before the final bottom layer of bannock was reached.

How could this be? Such a flavorful & simple sandwich, where had it been all my life. The answer is at this darling cafe shown and enjoyed with by the loveliest of company of I cannot wait to return!


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