#Flashback Friday Blog

Schnitzel Fritz

Thursday, September 8, 2016



The heat of the morning set in strong, the whooshing wind welcomes creating choppy tides as we arrive. Perfect parking spot, I doddle behind taking pictures of whirly waves in the lake.

As I turn and pick up the pace to join my table. As I am seated I calm myself and take in my surroundings. I looked over to the wooden archway in which I’d entered. The detailing amazing. I turn my gaze to the surrounding patio the stone and wood mixture perfectly suiting the rustic theme of the dining spot. The Gasthaus patio was just as the name states, medieval in appearance perfectly representative of its German style cuisine.

I love to eat at new places (can you tell?) But even better is when the view outward and around you is all visually exciting! Now to the menu… in a particularly hungry mood, my tummy grumbled reading of all the rich exuberant options available to us.

After much discussion we reached 3 sharing options. Schnitzel fingers, fruit/cheese platter & beet salad.

I often have the reoccurring problem of eyes-larger-than-stomach-itis haha

These very generously heaping plates arrive and my smile grew across my face.
Grinning I look to the dishes placed before us. We quickly note that what’s left will be taken home for dinner as we begun.

I love beets, pickled or cooked, in most forms I truly enjoy them. Grown and pickled for us in from our childhood garden, they have always existed on my pallet. This particular beet salad contained both red and gold beets pickled with red onion (onion addict here) on a delicious crispy variety of greens. The dressing a distinct spiced berry vinaigrette, also used on the side of greens accompanying the schnitzel.

Speaking of schnitzel, what a delicious dish! This particular form was covered in a distinct sauce with a refreshing tzatziki sauce for our dipping pleasure. Cut into dippable portions: crunchy, munchy, yummy!

In a unique fashion the cheese platter arrived on a board the varieties marking each chunk. Fruit tastefully arranged in the center with stacks of crackers located on each of the four corners all differing in taste. As a cheese-aholic, I am a diehard fan of most cheese plates, I am always happy to receive large hunks of cheese 🙂

As the meal grew to an end out stomach stuffed we ended up finishing off all three plates (they were just too delicious). Stuffed, puffed and grinning we pat our tummies with delight and headed to our next adventure.


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