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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I spent the evening with Margot Robbie….

I wish, how ever I did spend the evening watching her. No I didn’t stalk her my dears I went and saw the movie Suicide Squad!! As someone whom got her own harley quinn custom dress made for her a few years ago I’ve been a fan of the old & now the new Harley Character for a while.

The movie did not disappoint, amazing costumes, funny lines & great actors. I enjoyed the portrayal of the joker, I think Jared Leto took a unique approach to create his own version of the character. I think if he tried to recreate what was previously done by Health Ledger it would have been a miss.


Never to miss an opportunity to share a foodtastic experience…

The evening started at the very fantastic Pasta Factory. As a huge lover of all things Ooey Gooey, cheesey & carb loaded it was a great beginning.

I had a very fancy cocktail…. a shirt temple :-p and we broke bread.

Cheesey, tomato covered, garlic enacted bruchetta stuffed bread! One of my favorite appetizers I’ve had lately.

Followed by a hot heaping divine bowl of spaghetti & meatballs. I love to pile the hearty pasta & sauce onto garlic toast. The perfect combination of comfort food & crunch all satisfying,  way for filling any appetite one could have.

As we waddle across to the theatre bellies protruding with satisfactory bulge we get our tickets, our snacks (we ate like 1/100ths of the popcorn) and found our seats.

When I watch movies ive been waiting to see I get very into them, especially in theatres. I feel myself laughing out loud, shifting in my seat and tensing when the plot thickens. This I believe is the best way to experience them.


Overall it was a wonderful Friday Evening!


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