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Friday, September 16, 2016



In the lush valley of the Okanagan lies a place whose very core was created with heart. A place where feathered friends find home and care from a couple who’ve devoted their life to making sure these creatures have a place where they are cared for, love & respected.

As I stepped through the doors my eyes widened, the screeches both excited and intimidated me. After watching a video and speaking to the owner my mind was buzzing with facts about the beautiful souls. I had arrived to Parrot Island & my heart was jumping for joy.


A place for rescued parrots it is surely a sight to see. Their mission is to educate about the demanding needs of caring for  parrots as pets and the commitment it is to bring one home.

They also run a program to provide Parrots with matching individuals in the valley that benefit from the love and companionship these amazing birds offer. Both parties end up benefitting from the mutual love and affection they experience.

Once through the door I began to visit the homes of each of the birds. Parrots have the most alluring and animated eyes. Each of the bird had his or her own expressions. They are truly remarkable. Some called out saying such as “pretty bird” & “hello”. Truly amazing and so spirited. One danced with me, we bobbed our heads to the music heart only in our own minds.

Harley whom you’ll see pictured with me is a very expressive and interactive soul whom has gained a soft spot in my heart. I’ve since visited a couple more times.

It’s absolutely selfless and inspiring what they have done for these birds. Now girls (and guys) can go somewhere to not only visit & learn of these birds but to give them the attention they deserve.

Check them out here:

I had such a wonderful time and I’ll definitely be back ❤


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