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Morning Glory

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Do you ever have one of those mornings?
Do you ever think it’s going to be one of those mornings & you’re completely wrong?!

To the cutest little cafe that made my morning last Wednesday you have officially found your newest regular!

I am an avid London Fog drinker & Calgary I hate to insult my home base but since moving to BC I’ve realized ours suck! Not only do half the cafes not make them but many don’t know what they are. Herr not only are they very available, piping hot & delicious but they have sugar free! Yay. Since the surgery sugars on the no list so anywhere I can sneak in a sweet sugar free treat, I’m game 🙂

This particular morning by the time I got to my newly found delight I was famished & flustered! I had only a few minutes to grab to go. I asked if they had wraps, could they do blt’s? Yes & yes. Then the test: Did they have avacado to add? Yes!

Wrapped up nicely, hot, giant tea in hand I was out the door.

With enough time to scarf half the creation I was pleasantly surprised. This wrap was amazing, piled high with crispy bacon, the avacado perfectly spread with lush lettuce and tomato to boot!

Full of the fixings to begin a wonderful day


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