Creative Curation 

Tummies grumbling we found ourselves at a cute little eatery in the heart of Kelowna.FSH is an adorable pub style spot and the first stop on our Friday adventure!

After locating the perfect sunny warmth to quietness spot on the patio we lifted the menus diving into the diversity of offerings. We promptly came to a decisions , we’d indulge in the asian steak bites & the charcuterie plate for the table. 

Arriving first the tender savoury steak pieces doused in TSO Sauce, with a heavenly tangy mayo on the side and an array of fresh vegetables on top.

Ahhh next the Charcuterie plate! The perfect combination of gratifying cured meats, delicious cubed cheese bits and a divine assortment of unique crackers. All accompanied by some pickled delights!

Definitely a great way to enjoy the warm evening and welcome the weekend.

On to the next phase of project awesome Friday, The Games We Play exhibit at the Gallery in Kelowna! 

Stepping into the Gallery the kid in me overjoyed! Surrounded by pieces inspired by the characters that influenced and built up a lot of my own childhood. 

In a room full of strangers through memory we can all be uniformly bonded. 

As we walked through the rest of the gallery my eyes felt glued open wide in enjoyment.

This amazing even concluded with a stroll to the train station pub, dessert on our mind and discussions on the table the sun descended slowly to bring the evening skyline.

A sensational sense-driven evening full of fine tastes and visual splendour. 

What a lovely time indeed.


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