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Sushi & Peaches

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fantastic Roll Tempura Crazy Roll

In the land of no peaches lies a very delightful find… a sushi restaurant so full of welcoming cheer it’s made me cheeks turn up in cheer, Peachland Sushi!

Squishy bits of tofu swished on my very happy taste buds. This full-flavored, heart-warming miso soup with extra green onion was just what I needed.

As the meal arrived in perfectly timed mini courses, my tummy was definitely in for a treat!

The rolls arrived perfectly plated. Now picture this… deep fried cheese encrusted California rolls! The delicious crazy roll certainly lived up to it’s name. Shortly after yam tempura roll topped with crab meat, avocado, mango, pineapple & tomatoes. Delicious!

Next arrival was the crispy perfectly doughed prawn and veggie tempura crunching as I munched the heavenly bits. Adjoined by the arrival of the gyoza which was perfectly handmade and full of flavor.

To finish off the meal and my stomach the arrival of the stir fried vegetables with egg noodle topped and toppled by enticing rich teriyaki beef. A side of rice for mixing with as yum!

Stuffed to the top and bursting over, it certainly was a delightful adventure!


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