Magic Mushroom Swiss

After a glorious morning of plus 30, the sun dazing across my face you can imagine my surprise at the pouring rain as I left my appointment to meet up with my adventure partner.

Our plan? Ice cream and a walk by the waterway followed by a trip back to Peachland to indulge in these amazing burgers I’d been raving about since last year.

Our reality? We decided to try the newest in the Bliss Café locations in Kelowna! I must say we were pleasantly surprised! This café is defiantly a fantastic spot to stop, their large variety of seating and pleasing esthetic really impressed me. They have all the fantastic classics as the other locations I’ve been to and the staff were super friendly.

After a quick game of magic, my foodie friend and I were off to The Waterfront Grille & Pizzeria to fill ourselves with the burgers of (at least my) dreams!

Now I cannot express to you how much I’d been hyping up these burgers! A few thoughts popped into my noggin: What if I was just hungry last time I had one? Maybe they aren’t so great? Are they even still on the menu?

As the waiter came to the table baring the giant plates all worry faded.

My nose was intoxicated with the delightful smells of the dish being placed before me.

In all its glory the Mushroom Swiss Burger at The Waterfront Grille & Pizzeria is possibly my favorite burger. Heaping in mushrooms, oozing in Swiss cheese and seared in spices the homemade patty rocks your taste buds! *cues salivating* All paired together with fresh crisps fries and friendly service, my memory certainly didn’t disappoint.

What started as a rained out adventure blossomed into savory reality.


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