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Stay-In To-Go

Thursday, October 6, 2016

There is nothing like when you find a place that delivers good chinese food. No feeling matches that of finding the place that you know you can count on for your comfy and lazy… Those No-one-wants-to-cook-days.

It arrives within the given time parameter.

It’s hot and fresh and not too greasy.

Your order comes correctly, your driver with a smile. The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

This weekend I found my new go-to stay-in food. The wonderful business that will receive the call to bring forth the delicious salty goodness when my taste buds crave.

Chinese must be shared, it’s really a family meal or at very least close friends.

You take out each entree and open it, if it’s friends visiting you place a spoon in each container. Family you share cooties & just use your own forks.

This weekend the delivery was on point.

I had previous taken a to go box from a place I randomly found whilst walking. I found out they delivered and was not disappointed! The beef chop suey had all the veggies we actually like! The beef perfectly season. The deep fried shrimp crunched perfectly. My favorite dish from this placeย  is their pork & shrimp dumplings, they are amazing! Chow mein is a must and I hate when it’s slime but theirs is perfect! Sweet and sour pork allayed with pineapple mmm I’m making myself hungry all over again.

Another key to the perfect chinese experience is their spring rolls. They must be super crunchy with a bold distinct mixture of spices & veggies inside.

When the feast is complete all participants should be holding their stomach in glorious fullness.

Ah yes a great chinese delivery can begin a beautiful evening.


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