#Throwback Blog

As the sun set the plane was an interesting adventure, I met a very nice fellow passenger and we giggled the hours away. The evening brought a beautiful Toronto skyline filled with the mass amount of lights, my eyes felt wider than my face. Our plane had to circle so I got a very beautiful full view of the gigantic city. Being from a town of 500 the city can really shock your senses.

After arrival the glory of enormity continued, the airport was gigantic and filled with cool moving walk ways. I was ambushed by cab and limo drivers trying to get me to my destination.

Finally as I rode to my destination the driver pointed out all the sites to see. Beautiful.

 Exploring the city upon arrival was breathe taking! A burlesque show randomly on a Wednesday night, live music in the local tavern and the city lights creating wonder in my mind. The daytime spent exploring  graffiti alley, Kensington market, little Italy and little Portugal. Amazing!

I road my very first subway, I saw the Toronto City Hall, the giant Toronto sign. Visited an adorable pin up shop and had a blast at a fun Goth night party at Nocturne.

One of my favorite parts of the adventure was that I attended the Andy Warhol Exhibit, Andy Warhol: Revisited on Bloor Street. They had a tonne of his original pieces as well as very informative descriptions. An experience I will definitely never forget.

I visited the Retro Suites Hotel in Chatham, very interesting time. It’s filled with beautiful retro artifacts and has a lovely staff. As a lover of pin up it was a great pleasure to experience.

I spent my day in Chatham exploring the little shops and there was a delightful giant bookstore and very unique clothing store. My final day there I explored their mall and the mom and pop shops on the other side of town. I had very very delicious bruschetta and exquisite pinot grigio at Mama Mia’s before boarding the train back to Toronto also quite the interesting experience.

The trip came to an end and I can’t wait to return again.

Toronto I miss you.



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