#Throwback Blog: My first week in KTown

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Touring Around

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The wind howls as it blows into the open windows of the truck, smile on my face as we pull into town. The little houses spread neatly across their streets filled with old town charm.

 Today was my first look into my new surroundings…

 There are beautiful flowers in the gardens and pots hung around. The buildings, clearly re-stored all have an antique cheek feel. Rustic architecture with hip new cafes, art galleries and shops contained inside. I do not quite have the strength to walk the streets yet but that will be for the next visit, for now touring around is making me smile. We drive down the streets and to the beach, it was busy although I imagine Canada Day must have been even busier. We see the statue of the dolphins and view the beautiful beachside Delta. Now… time for some lunch! We find some parking and although we come to find our first restaurant choice is not open we soon find a suitable replacement Karen O’Malley’s Irish pub, delightful service, delectable eats and a very interesting décor. Then we hit the road, opting for a longer more scenic path home. Passing through the fields and farms, viewing the playful calves and lush shrubbery.

 I’d say it was a good day. 🙂


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