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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Knox Mountain Knox Mountain Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain Knox Mountain Random Waiter Scarcrow
The day began with murky overcast threatening a dull, dismal and dreary tone.

However no fowl moods would be in allowance for this fine day was one of my favorites aka Halloween!!

My very first spooktacular in the valley was not what you’d expect. However it was a great way to begin my new memory making! As you’d probably expect I have a vast collection of costumes, to experience a complete Halloween day one must costume up as early as possible!

As the last curl is set, my cherry lips puckered…time for a selfie…

Then on to fill our bellies!

My lips wrapped around the perfectly medium rare Angus deliciousness! With sautéed mushrooms, cheese as well as crispy bacon the Feenie burger was just what my tummy was craving. The show stealer however was the garlic mayo dip that I got with the fries holy man! Perfectly portioned, textured and seasoned steak fries scooping up the dip like it was going out of style!

On to some exploration…. costume edition!

Up Knox Mountain the setting was both mystical and breathtaking. The mist kissed my cheeks as I peered out to the gorgeous view. My eyes dazzled throughout my field of vision.

Sadly it had appeared that the rest of Kelowna had decided Halloween was already over by Monday so I only saw a few other costumed out individuals but it was still one of the best days I’ve had out here!

Next year? Corn maze!


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