Kangaroo Zoo

In the heart of Winfield lies a captivating experience! If you know anything about mwah it’s that I am obsessed with animals. In Calgary I was a very proud holder of a Zoo pass and visited whenever I could. One of my biggest sadness’s when I relocated was that there was no zoo here. I was very excited to find out that there is in fact an amazing substitute, Kangaroo Creek Farms!

Not only was my long time best friend out to visit but now we would get to visit for the first together!

We got up early and started the day right… with breakfast at IHop! Also a first for us both.
Bellies full we headed to Winfield and to our next adventure!

The sun was already beating its heat at 11 when we strolled down into the farm (but only after missing the turn a few times) ;-P

Kangaroo Creek Farms was such a uniquely, interesting experience to say the least. Who would have known? Kangaroos in the heart of the Okanagan! Why it’s almost better than a zoo? You get to feed and pet the animals!

As we strolled in our eyes widened a giant field with buildings, a watering hole and lots of kangaroos! The enclosure is filled with wallaby’s, large kangaroos and my favorite… albino kangaroos!

The keepers provided us with the food and we calmly approached the animals, say what you will but even though they a docile when you are next to an animal whom you know is so powerful… you tread lightly.

As their fuzzy faces ate from our palms, I laughed at the unique feeling of their teeth lightly touching at times. I learned that kangaroos love corn chips and that feeding them to them is quite the event.

After you exit the large enclosure you can scamper over to a happy looking man holding tiny creatures.

In and out of their sewn pouches Sugar Gliders are such fascinating creatures! This little guy in particular gazed widely as I lightly pet his little head with my other hand.

After that a most exciting opportunity, holding a baby kangaroo! With the luck of the lineup, I even got to hold an albino one!

Like a baby the little guy was handed to me in a bundle, his little red eyes peering up at meet. My heart felt warm holding such a sweet calm creature, if not work the gaining line up I could have sat there forever. Handing him over, we continued on to the final enclosure.

I always thought that capybaras were small but boy was I mistaken. These animals are like giant skittish hamsters! Very cool. We also pet and fed some mini goats, fancy chickens and ducks.

Definitely all made for an amazing memory!


#WomensDay Dinner


The pitter patter of anticipation filled my nerves with little shots of excitement as the elevator climbed each floor.

Balloon bunches strewn across the front doors and room as I stepped through. Smiles filled the air. It was international women’s day and we were here to celebrate.

The Kelowna Women’s Shelter hosted this fabulous event filled with fantastic food stations by chefs from all over the Okanagan.

Now to the food, I’m now wishing I snapped pics as it was both beautifully created & supremely delicious.

First there was this amazing fresh fish tuna sushi portions on a stick… amazing!

Then there were these tiny delectable  cream-ball style pastry bits that were filled with smooth flavorsome cream cheese.

Next to them toasted baguette slices topped with another amazing cream cheese, so good.

Across from that savory chilli like artichokes on a stick mmm they were amazing!

Paired with mini slices of veggie wraps done appy style. Very refreshing.

For the dessert option there was these amazing deconstructed mini lemon meringue pie, zesty & sweet.

Last but not least my most favorite dish of all the farm sausages with cooked spiced organic tomatoes on pastry.
Omg so fantastic!

The speaker Rhonda Victoor was both  stunning and insightful.
Filling in for the poor broken legged Crystal Flaman last minute.


As the evening drew to an end we were given purple bags filled with many wondrous and unique gifts.

A great night for a fantastic cause with fabulous company!

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