26 Years!


Twenty Six. двадцать шесть. sechsundzwanzig. veintiseis.  

dau ddeg chwech. tjugosex. divdesmit seši. dvadeset i šest.
двадесет и шест. dvacet šest. fiche sé. ventisei. vint-i-sis.
dvadeset šest.  二十六. Дваесет и шест. Sitta u għoxrin.
tjueseks. seksogtyve. zesentwintig. kakskümmend kuus.
二十六. kaksikymmentäkuusi. Vinte e seis. sechsundzwanzig.
εικοσι εξι(eikosi exi). huszonhat. Tuttugu og sex. dwadzieścia sześć.

Vinte e seis. douazeci si sase. veintiseis. hogeita sei. дваццаць-шэсць.

No matter what language it is expressed in Today I have now walked the earth for 26 years!
In the past 26 years, I have lived a life some may never know, I would not change it for anything. From the kid who was always told she was too chatty in class to the winner of a young writers award to the girl who had 3 jobs while in business school to almost losing my life in 2016, its certainly been a hell of an adventure and I look forward to more memories!
For fun I am taking a Bday questionnaire:
  • Nicknames: Manda, Manda Panda, Pumpkin, Patootie… I have many!
  • I am OFFICIALLY 26 years old!
  • My favourite food is: Steak & Seafood, caesar salad & stuffed baked potato nom 🙂
  • My favourite book is: Gosh I have so many!
  • My favourite movie is: Nightmare before Christmas or Factory Girl.
  • If I could change my name it would be: Hmm Maybe not something so ordinary.
  • When I grow up I want to become: Better at adulting?
  • When I was little I used to: Wear a diaper on my head and rubber boots. That’s it.
  • My best friend is: Amazing.
  • The snack I would eat every day if I could is: Cheezies and Diet Pepsi.
  • My best memory is: Times spent with my Gramps
  • My favourite breakfast food is: Bacon!
  • I want to go on vacation to: Europe.
  • My favourite toy is: hmmm not sure I should answer that.
  • My favourite game is: Monopoly & Scrabble or Sims 3!
  • My favourite colour is: Red & Black.
  • My shoe size is: 7.5
  • My favourite thing to wear is: Black on Black on Black with a cute choker.
  • I like my house because: It is in a location I love near my family and favourite places.
  • My signature looks like: A toddlers.
New year, a new website (Mkhipz.com) and a whole new outlook!
I hope you all enjoy!

Canada 150

There is a great deal to be said about the celebration of the formation of a country. Especially in the times we find ourselves, it’s the true luck of the draw to be Canadian. As I was barely out of the hospital last year not only was it exciting to celebrate 150 years of Canada but that of being still here to do so.

The day brought cheer to my spirit as I pulled out my red and white ensemble. Cleaning my white sneakers and pinning my hair up, I felt the corners of my mouth tilt up in excitement. On to the adventure…

Upon arrival the sweltering heat struck us. We made our stride into the festivities and the crowds seemed to gather and gather. Upon request we made our way to Prospera place to find a point of solace and an atm. I was pleasantly surprised as we made our way into the arena, it had an amazing celebration of culture set up. Tables containing Italian, German, Ukrainian, Hungarian and other set ups of food if there wasn’t so much people I would have stood in line for a tastes of each. From online places I later found out it was also the spot they kept and cut the 150 cake.

On the collection of food trucks outside we spy upon my most favorite delights. The kryptonite that reminded me of so much of home games at the Saddledome and hot afternoons at Stampede aka the mini donuts! A bucket between us we soldiered on into the tents set up in the surrounding area. As a testament to the heat we experience my once ice cold soda had gone from Luke warm to almost tea sipping temperature in its can.

As the heat beat down and the afternoon set in a walk along the sparkling water brought the day into conclusion. The crowds filled every nook and cranny of the downtown area, it was time to return home to the calm silence and the other half of my lasagna.

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